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Sales Tax Recovery

We examine prior tax returns within the statute of recovery and identify possible ommissions and misstatements. We use our copyrighted software aggregators to identify and document the data that needs to be added to the tax returns. Finally, we help you amend your tax returns

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Sales Tax Amendments

We help you file your amended tax returns with our software after our aggregators have compiled the data. If direct amending is not possible due to the age of the amendment, we will help you by facilitating the manual amendment process.

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Sales Tax Autofiler

We can configure our aggregator and the filer software to extract the proper data from your accounting software and directly connect with the CDTFA. We also document the filings for you in spreadsheets that contain all the backup needed for audits.

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Pre-Tax AutoFiler

Our aggregators include the ability to process SG monthly reports that extract both the Schedule A Sales Data and the Schedule B Purchase Data that must be filed monthly.Our California Pretax Filer then connects to the CDTFA and autofiles the monthly report.

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