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Our Company History

We have over 200 years of team petroleum operations and tax preparation experience. We are committed to the Fuel, Cardlock, and Convenience Store business segments. Our software is certified by the State Board of Tax & Fee Administration for EDI interface We are a Team of Jobbers working together to innovate and develop simplifying solutions.

Core Beliefs

  • As Jobbers we share common challenges
  • Many hands make light work on difficult development tasks
  • We can innovate and develop better and faster together
  • Jobbers work too hard in this industry to overpay taxes


  • A motivated jobber innovation group
  • Expanded R&D resources and capacities
  • Open investment with retained jobber control
  • Rapid product and service development with share use


  • Facilitate complete Jobber tax recovery of overpayments
  • Streamline areas of complexity, frustration, inefficiency
  • Prioritize projects to simplify, reduce stress, increase enjoyment
  • Improve attractiveness of Jobber business operations

Why People Choose Us?

Team of Jobbers + Sofware Developers + CPA’s – We have 200+ years of Fuel & Software experience.

Sales taxes take an average of 1-3 days to prepare. We can help streamline this process. What could your staff do with the extra time?

If your accountant walked out tomorrow, who else understands and could do their tasks?  We can help!

We offer free consultations. This will allow you to know the details before pursuing anything with us.

Expert Advisors

Ryan Rogers

Founder CEO

25-year owner-operator of Lakeview Petroleum.Expertise in Cardlock. Gas Station management and Software.

Jim Sharpe


CPA and software developer since 1981. Fought for tax clients for 30…